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 I LOVE skin care! and I LOVE photography!

Skin Care by Carol  and Beyond the Lense with Carol Dyer
I am blessed to live a life filled with love: God, family, friends, and work. I Love my job! so it isn’t work!!!  I’m a good listener (like a bartender, lol!).  My life is filled with fun: girlfriend time, loving hubby, wine, volunteering. Past President of the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Sacramento!!! What an honor to serve with all of the amazing ladies! I’m an Elk (three generations) and am a member of The Tapestry Network and eWomen Network.  Please contact me if you are interested in attending a meeting. (they are nationwide)  I have a shoe and purse problem.  Can’t buy just one!   My daughters old room is now my walk-in closet!  I love cats, though am allergic, was recently adopted by one.  Long walks and photography are my favorite!!  Love to shoot nature. (no complaints about being fat, double chin, etc)  I am fortunate to live by the most awesome trail in Elk Grove and have captured many a perfect sunrise.  The Sedona Arizona balloon shot is not only amazing, if I do say so myself, it has an amazing story to go with it! You’ll have to ask me about it.  It will make you smile:)
Being a winner is a great thing too, I am a pretty good photographer and have had several of my shots published!  In addition, I have been named:  “Best Facial” KCRA  A*list  and “Best Place for a Facial”  Best of Elk Grove!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!   Thanks to all that made it possible!!!

Picture perfect skin.  As an esthetician I’d be honored to share how a regimen with me will allow you LOVE your face!  As a photographer I would LOVE to capture the moments that are most dear to you.  Picture perfect skin.
Carol Dyer

Skin Care by Carol

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